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   Project Elmer

A DCRE Labs project to document the upgrade to the cranial left hemisphere with minimal impact on the frontal lobe of the DCRE Labs founder through a research project coordinated with the University of Kentucky with key support from two doctors, one psychologist along with a host of supporting staff / faculty with several PhDs as well as years of sobriety and patience.... so far.

T minus:
  • One test (scheduled) Done!
  • Two forms (in draft) Done!
  • Three referrals (in progress) Done!
  • Four comp questions (in development) Done!
  • and 15 classes (underway)
    1. CJT 780 - Fall 2018 Done!
      Special Topics in Communication (Seminar): Political Campaign Communication
    2. CI 700 - Spring 2019 Underway
      Directed Reading in Communication
    3. CI 636 - Spring 2019 Underway
      Assessment & Evaluation Methods in Applied Communication Research

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This server will house various components of Project Elmer:

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